My Card – Visa

The AccessPay Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Visa Card comes with exciting new benefits and functionality including:

  • One card to support both General Living Expenses and Entertainment Benefits
  • Pay for accommodation, car hire and taxis with the Entertainment Benefits account
  • A true Partner Card
  • Contactless payments with payWave
  • Access to our Everyday savings program which offers great savings at point-of-sale and through vouchers for dining and retail


Quick card links
Card user guide here
Product disclosure statement here
Financial services guide here
Disputed transaction form here
Card terms and conditions here

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the balances on my card?

  • Login to your AccessPay account
    (“Employee Login” button in top right-hand corner).
  • Login to your AccessPay mobile app available to download on GooglePlay and the Apple App Store
  • Calling the dedicated 24/7 phone line 1300 146 371
    When calling, please have your date of birth and the Primary Cardholder’s subscriber number on hand.

*Before you can access your account and balances online or via the app, you must be registered for online access. “Register for online access” here.

Balances cannot be checked at ATMs.

Please note, the mobile app and online account access will only be available to the AccessPay subscriber and not to partner cardholders.

Can I change my PIN?

No. However, if you forget your PIN you do have the ability to retrieve it.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. How can I retrieve it?

The cardholder must have their personal details registered in their AccessPay account. Minimum requirements for applying for a Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits card include name, date of birth, and an email address. If the details are not registered or are not correctly updated, the cardholder will not be able to verify their identity and/or receive the security code required for the process.

If you have not registered an email address to your AccessPay account, you will not be able to retrieve your PIN. You can update your email address via logging into your AccessPay account online, via the app or by emailing

PIN reveal procedure

Cardholders can retrieve their PIN by visiting

You will be prompted to enter your 16 digit Personal Account Number (PAN) along with personal details to verify your identity.

Following verification of your identity, a security number will be sent to your email address as registered with the card. The security number will be required to allow the cardholder to access their PIN.

Can I choose which account a transaction payment comes from?

Which account a transaction will draw from will be dependent on the merchant code applied to the eftpos machine the transaction is processed through. Please see page 7 for information on the Funding Hierarchy in the User Guide here.

How does the Card know which account to draw funds from?

The funding hierarchy is the sequence in which purchases using your card will be processed to your funding sources (i.e. General Living Expenses and Entertainment Benefits accounts).

Funding Hierarchy

The transaction will confirm whether funds can be taken from your Entertainment Benefits account based on the type of merchant that you are transacting at. If the merchant type is not suitable to be charged to or zero/insufficient funds are available in your Entertainment Benefits account, your General Living Expenses account will be used. In the event that neither accounts have sufficient funds available to complete the transaction, the transaction will be declined.

Please see page 7 of the User Guide here for examples.

Where can I find more information about my card?

Download the Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card User Guide here.

You can also read the Product Disclosure Statement here for additional information.

What happens if I enter my PIN incorrectly 3 or more times?

Your Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card will be blocked if you enter the incorrect PIN three times. After 24 hours this block will automatically be lifted.

Even if you notify us, your Card will remain automatically locked until the next day.