What can you salary package?

Depending on the benefits your employer makes available, you may be eligible to salary package the following benefits.

General Living Expenses

Use pre-tax income for expenses you are already paying, including:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Credit card and personal loan payments
  • Household utilities such as gas, electricity and water.

Meal Entertainment

Dine out tax-free! Eligible expenses include:

  • Meals and drinks consumed at a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel
  • Taxi fares travelling to and from a restaurant, café, tavern or hotel.

Holiday Accommodation

Enjoy your holiday, or a hire a function venue, tax-free! This benefit allows you to salary package:

  • Accommodation, including hotel or motel rooms, apartment or holiday house
  • Car hire while on holidays.

Novated Lease

Bundle the finance and running costs of a new or used car to make savings in tax and GST.

  • Tax-free running costs: maintenance insurance fuel, tyres, roadside assistance and registration
  • No GST payable on the price of a new car

Relocation Benefits

Moving for work? Cost associated with relocating that can be salary packaged include:

  • Removal and storage of household items
  • Costs associated with sales and/or purchase of primary dwelling
  • Temporary accommodation

Remote Area Benefit

To assist with the cost of living and working in remote areas, you may be eligible to package these expenses:

  • Rent or mortgage interest payments
  • Household utilities, such as gas and electricity
  • Family transport to and from a holiday destination

Car Parking

In addition to General Living Expenses and Meal Entertainment, this benefit allows you to package the cost of:

  • On street parking
  • Parking in a commercial parking station
  • Airport parking

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Salary packaging and novated leasing

Salary packaging
We simplify salary packaging for employees in the not-for-profit sector with easy access to essential benefits via our two-in-one Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits card.

General Living Expenses helps employees manage the costs of everyday living, with a portion of pre-tax income salary packaged to cover expenses such as rent or mortgage, groceries, and household utilities.

Entertainment Benefits are separate and in addition to General Living Expenses, and allow employees to spend pre-tax funds on eligible restaurant meals and drinks, holiday accommodation and venue and catering hire for a function or event.

Apart from the popular benefits outlined above, additional benefits can mean significant tax savings for employees and are managed in line with your organisation’s benefits policy. These include:

  • Remote Area Benefits
  • Relocation Benefits
  • Personal Electronic Devices

Novated leasing
AccessPay offers this valuable employee benefit through leading novated leasing specialist and our sister company in the Smartgroup network, Smartleasing. Along with a seamless purchasing experience, your staff are assured of the best possible new car price, with all savings made thanks to Smartleasing’s enormous buying power passed back to employees.

Why we choose Smartleasing as our novated leasing provider

  1. All benefits are managed by a single provider
  2. Employees are assured of exceptional customer service
  3. With over 38,000 leases under management, they’re a provider you can trust

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Supporting your organisation: our complementary business services

Running your not-for-profit efficiently is critical to its health and wealth, so we draw on our wider network of companies to offer you integrated business solutions.

Fleet Management
Fully outsourced fleet management and operating leases, or a pure software solution; customised and cost-effective to maximise employee productivity and safety.

Payroll Solutions
Outsourced payroll consulting and administration service built to deliver process improvement, risk minimisation, cost reduction, and accurate interpretation of award entitlements.

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