General Living Expenses

Quite likely, you already put a significant amount of your salary towards things like rent, mortgages, personal loans, utility bills, insurance and groceries. Salary packaging your General Living Expenses simply allows you to use your pre-tax income for all those expenses you are already paying. As a result, you pay less income tax so your pay stretches further.

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The savings add up
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How much can you salary package towards General Living Expenses?

Depending on who you work for, each Fringe Benefits Tax (“FBT”) year you can salary package your General Living Expenses up to:

  • $15,900 (or $611.54 per fortnight) for Public Benevolent Institutions*
  • $9,010 (or $346.54 per fortnight) for hospital and ambulance services*

*This untaxed amount is a fringe benefit and therefore works on the FBT year of 1 April to 31 March.

General Living Expenses include:

  • Rent or mortgage repayments
  • Credit card and personal loan payments
  • Expenses via a Salary Packaging and Entertainment Benefits Card
  • Household utility costs such as gas, electricity and water
  • Car expenses including petrol and registration
  • Health insurance premiums
  • And much more!

The savings add up

The amount of savings you can achieve from salary packaging will depend on your income and the types of expenses you salary package. Here are examples of how salary packaging could save you thousands of dollars when salary packaging the General Living Expenses benefit of $15,900 per annum or $611.54 per fortnight.

Example: Salary packaging of $611.54 per fortnight toward General Living Expenses.

Gross Salary Saving per fortnight Savings per annum
$55,000 $211$5,486
$95,000 $220$5,711

Calculations are based on maximum expense items without GST and 2018/2019 tax rates, and do not consider individual financial circumstances, such as education debt or other government benefits. Fees not included.

How are payments made?

There are a number of different options you can choose to manage your salary packaging payment arrangements.

  • Direct or reimbursement payment
    Easily manage recurring expenses like your mortgage, rent or a personal loan simply by authorising AccessPay to make regular direct payments on your behalf. If you prefer, make the payments yourself and submit a claim to be reimbursed.
  • Salary Packaging and Entertainment Benefits Card*
    The most convenient way to salary package! You simply nominate the pre-tax funds to be allocated to your card and then use your card to pay for eligible expenses. This two-in-one card allows you to access both your living expenses and entertainment benefits. This card also gives you free access to our Everyday Savings program.
    * Some restrictions do apply on the use of the Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Card. Visit the My Card page.

What information do we need from you?

To assist you to establish and manage your salary packaging payments effectively, you will be required to provide certain documentation.

We call this ‘supporting documentation’ and we will ask that:

  • Appropriate supporting documentation provided supports the nature, type and classification of the payment being made on your behalf
  • Links the claim to you

To see what we need from you to set up a new payment, please see the Supporting Documentation page.

Frequently asked questions

I don't have any debts. Can I still salary package? 

Absolutely – you can salary package toward anything that can be classified as a living expense. An AccessPay advisor can work with you to ensure your salary packaging arrangement is structured to suit your budget and lifestyle.

What do I do if the amount I pay for my rent/mortgage payment is more than the amount I can salary package? 

AccessPay will make the payment to your chosen expense item, and any leftover amount can be contributed by you from your after tax salary.

Can I use my Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card overseas? 

Yes, your Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card can be used overseas.

For purchases in any currency other than Australian dollars or purchases with any merchant located outside Australia, the transaction will be subject to a Foreign Exchange Fee of 2.99%.

Due to the restrictions of merchant codes attributable to the Entertainment Benefits account on your card, it is unlikely that this account will work on every occasion. When outside of Australia, balances can be viewed online and via the mobile app.


What happens to my funds if I don't spend them by the 31 March? 

The amount you are allowed to salary package depends on the organisation you work for (either $15,900 for Public Benevolent Institutions or $9,010 for Not for Profit hospitals and ambulance services) and their Salary Packaging Policy.

These core amounts should be spent by the 31 March each year so that you are able to take full advantage of the full annual cap the following FBT year. If there are core funds left over in your account from the previous FBT year, the next 12 months allowable amount may need to be reduced to prevent you breaching the allowable threshold amount.

If I want to make a change, do I have to send a form? 

AccessPay needs to identify who you are and all changes must be submitted in writing at least seven (7) business days prior to the payday you are requesting. This is because your employer requests all changes one week in advance of the next payday. Any changes received past this deadline will be actioned for the next available payday.

Requests for changes to your salary packaging can be made by:

  • Logging into your online account at To log in, you need to be registered for online access. Once logged in, you can request new payments or make changes to your existing arrangements
  • Using the AccessPay Mobile Application, free to download on both GooglePlay and the Apple Store. You must be registered to access your account online to use the Mobile App.
  • Requesting a change via email at It is not necessary to complete a form if your changes are requested via email
  • Completing a Change Form and sending to AccessPay via mail at:
    GPO Box 1238 Adelaide SA 5001

Please include your Subscriber Number (found on your Payment Notification email sent each pay cycle) on any change requests.

To find out the impacts of salary packaging to your end of financial year tax return, education debts repayments, and government support payments; see theConsiderations when Salary Packaging’ page.

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