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Life isn’t all work and no play. As an employee from an eligible organisation, you can access even more pre-tax income when you salary package Entertainment Benefits. Entertainment Benefits enables you to salary package costs incurred while dining out in restaurants and cafes, holiday accommodation and hire, and special events such as a wedding or celebration.

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How much can you salary package towards Entertainment Benefits?

For eligible employees*, this is a terrific way to enjoy tax savings. Entertainment Benefit are capped at $2,650 per FBT year and are in addition to General Living Expenses.
*The opportunity to salary package these additional benefits will depend on your employer’s Salary Packaging Policy.

Even more savings!

Of course, the more you salary package, the greater the tax savings to you. Here is an example of additional savings achieved when salary packaging Entertainment Benefits.

Example: Salary packaging of $611.54 per fortnight towards General Living Expenses, including additional Entertainment Benefits of $101.92 per fortnight

 Standard salary packaging of $611.54 per fortnightIncluding additional Entertainment Benefits of $101.92 per fortnight
Total annual salary
Fortnightly savings
Annual savings
Fortnightly savings
Annual savings
$ 45,000 $170 $4,419 $193$5,095
$55,000 $211 $5,486 $243 $6,595
$95,000 $220
$5,711 $255 $6,625
Calculations are based on maximum expense items without GST and 2017/2018 tax rates, and do not consider individual financial circumstances, such as Education Debt or other government benefits. Fees not included.
Employees from not-for-profit hospitals and ambulance services may only be eligible to salary packaging $9,010 per FBT year towards General Living Expenses.

Entertainment Benefits inclusions

Entertainment Benefits include two categories: Meal Entertainment, and Holiday Accommodation and Hire.

Meal Entertainment:
Dine out tax-free! Eligible expenses include:
  • meals and drinks consumed at a restaurant, cafe, tavern or hotel
  • taxi fares travelling to and from a restaurant, café, tavern or hotel
  • external supplier for catering a private event.

Core criteria for this benefit are:

  • the meal is consumed on the premises where purchased
  • the meal is the primary entertainment activity.

Ineligible expenses: takeaway meals, groceries purchased for a dinner party at home or costs for a “dinner and show” occasion.

Holiday Accommodation and Hire:
Enjoy your holiday, or a hire a function venue, tax-free! This benefit allows you to salary package:
  • holiday accommodation, including hotel or motel rooms, apartment or holiday house
  • car hire while on holidays
  • hire of a reception venue, private function room or marquee.

Entertainment Benefits payment options

There are a number of options to manage payments for your Meal Entertainment or Holiday Accommodation and Hire Benefits.

  • Direct or reimbursement payment
    Easily manage recurring expenses by authorising AccessPay to make regular direct payments on your behalf. If you prefer, make the payments yourself and submit a claim to be reimbursed.
  • Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card*
    The most convenient way to salary package! You simply nominate the pre-tax funds to be allocated to your card and then use your card to pay for eligible expenses. This two-in-one card allows you to access both your living expenses and entertainment benefits. This card also gives you free access to our Everyday Savings program.
    *Some restrictions do apply on the use of the Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card. Visit the My Card page.

What information do we need from you?

Supporting documentation required will depend on the type of benefits included in your salary packaging arrangement. Contact AccessPay for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my Entertainment Benefits funds if I don't spend them by the 31 March? 

The FBT year finishes on 31 March. It is important that your balances for Entertainment Benefits in your AccessPay account and/or Entertainment Benefits Card account are as close to nil ($0.00) as possible by this date.

Entertainment Benefits balances remaining after this date will be carried over into the next FBT year. The funds remain yours, however, the amount you are able to salary package next FBT year (from April 1) will be reduced by the balance in your account on 31 March.

Please note, AccessPay will communicate with you about this as we draw closer to the end of FBT year.

If I want to make a change, do I have to send a form? 

AccessPay needs to identify who you are and all changes must be submitted in writing at least seven (7) business days prior to the pay day you are requesting. This is because your Employer requests all changes one week in advance of the next pay day. Any changes received past this deadline will be actioned for the next available pay day.

Requests for changes to your salary packaging can be made by:

  • Once registered to access your account online at www.accesspay.com.au, you can log in to request new payments or make changes to your existing arrangements
  • Using the AccessPay Mobile Application, free to download on both Google Play™ and the App Store®. You need to be registered to access your account online to log into the Mobile App
  • Requesting a change via email at customerservice@accesspay.com.au. It is not necessary to complete a form if your changes are requested via email
  • Completing a Change Form and sending to AccessPay via mail at: GPO Box 1238 Adelaide SA 5001

Please include your Subscriber Number (found on your fortnightly payment notification email) on any change requests.

Find information on the impacts of salary packaging to your end of financial year tax return, education debt repayments, and government support payments; see the ‘Considerations when Salary Packaging’ page.

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