Changes to Salary Solutions

A change is here

When Salary Solutions joined the Smartgroup family, a number of commitments were made to improve your salary packaging experience, including:

  • an app for tracking and managing salary packaging payments and balances
  • a rewards and discounts program
  • enhanced online capability (including eClaims and online sign up for new employees)

We’re pleased to confirm that we’ve delivered these by transitioning salary packaging accounts to another brand in the Smartgroup family and a leading brand in the not-for-profit sector:

The transition will also provide streamlined processes, allowing new services and features to be made available faster.

AccessPay on the go

AccessPay’s Mobile App provides secure and convenient access to your salary packaging, so you can view your account anytime, anywhere. Features include the ability to check your balance on the go, make changes to your salary packaging arrangement and keep track of your salary packaging card balance and transactions – all in the same App.

New all-in-one card offering


The AccessPay Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment Card is a more convenient way to manage your funds. If you salary package to both living expenses and meal and entertainment benefits, the funds will be available on the same card, meaning less plastic in your wallet.

Even though they’re on the same card, these funds are kept separate. The type of merchant you use and the details of the transaction, trigger the account the funds are taken from (either living expenses or meal and entertainment) – this is automatically applied in the system.

For example, if you use your card at a restaurant and are salary packaging to meal and entertainment, the funds will be deducted from this account. If you have insufficient funds in your meal and entertainment account, your living expenses account will be used to make up the difference (in the past, if you had insufficient funds on your Westpac Meal and Entertainment card, the transaction would have been declined).

This doesn’t work the other way because of the funds in the meal and entertainment account can only be used for qualifying meal and entertainment transactions (i.e. if you don’t have enough funds in your living expenses, your meal and entertainment balance can’t be used to make up the difference). Instead the transaction will be declined.


New AccessPay cards were posted on 13 May and should be delivered within 6 days (deliveries to rural areas may take a little longer). If you haven’t received your card by your next pay, please email

Once your card is activated you need to make your first purchase by inserting your card, selecting Credit and entering your PIN. From then on, you can make contactless payments with PayPass.

If you require access to your Living Expense funds before you receive your card, please contact us. We can arrange for the funds allocated to your card payment to be paid direct to your bank account.  You will need to provide supporting documents before we can make the payment to you.

What happens to your Westpac card

We recommend you use any remaining funds on your Westpac salary packaging card before you start using your AccessPay card. Your card will be cancelled at midnight (AEST) on 30 May and any remaining funds will be automatically transferred to your new AccessPay card on 31 May.

If you require access to your Living Expense funds before you receive your card, please let us know.

You’ll need to provide documentation to support the payment. Please refer to the table below for details of the supporting document required.



If you have already destroyed your Westpac card and there were funds remaining these will be transferred to your new card on 31 May. If you need access to these funds before then, please let us know.

More rewards for employees

The program provides:

  • convenient access to benefits and other offers using an e-wallet or e-vouchers
  • thousands of dollars worth of deals and discounts that can be used again and again
  • savings on groceries and retail, dining, accommodation, and cinema tickets

All available via the mobile app and point-of-sale.