Email security tips

Email scams, also know sometimes as “Phishing Scams”, are on the rise. To avoid falling victim to these types of cons, here are some dos and don’ts from our Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Card provider.

  • Do an internet search using the names or exact wording of the email or message to check for any references to a scam – many scams can be identified this way.
  • Do look for the secure symbol. Secure websites can be identified by the use of ‘https:’ rather than ‘http:’ at the start of the internet address, or a closed padlock or unbroken key icon at the bottom right corner of your browser window. Legitimate websites that ask you to enter confidential information are generally encrypted to protect your details.
  • Do not provide your personal, credit card or online account details if you receive a call claiming to be from your bank or any other organisation. Instead, ask for their name and contact number and make an independent check with the organisation in question before calling back.
  • Do not click on any links or open attachments from emails claiming to be from your bank or another trusted organisation, asking you to update or verify your details.

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