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NAB Business Card (Salary Packaging Facility) - Cardholder Application Form
NAB Salary Packaging Card and Meal Entertainment Card User Guide

This card is a VISA credit card and can be used anywhere displaying a VISA logo. This card has no line of credit attached to it, but uses a credit function.

To apply for a Salary Packaging Card, you need to be a NAB customer. If you are already a customer, please tick the relevant box on your NAB application form.

If you are not a customer of the NAB, you will need to complete a 100 point check either at a NAB branch or with a NAB approved "Verifying Officer" at your organisation. AccessPay will be able to tell you who this is, and will also help you with your application. Under no circumstances should you open an account - we need to do this on your behalf.

If you intend to pay your bills with your Salary Packaging Card you will need to register with the card issuer for phone and internet banking.

If you do not need to pay any bills with your card and only intend to use it for purchases, and do not want to use the banks online service, you can use your card immediately. Please read the following. 

RESTRICTIONS – Remember that this card is for your Salary Packaged Funds ONLY.

  1. You cannot use this card to deposit or withdraw money.
  2. You cannot use this card to transfer money to another bank account. This may include your rent, credit card or mortgage. If you would like to use your Salary Packaging funds to pay your rent, AccessPay can make this transaction for you.
  3. You cannot use this card to pay bills at the Post Office.
  4. You cannot set up Direct Debits from this card.
  5. You cannot have any other signatories to this card.
  6. You cannot select savings or cheque when selecting “Account”. You must only select Credit. Remember there is not a line of credit attached to this card, and this card does not attract fees. Selecting Credit is the way this card operates.
  7. Telstra will not accept online payment from this card. To pay Telstra, call 125 118. Have your card and your Telstra bill in front of you and follow the prompts. Please read the information on your Telstra bill about Credit Card payments. You can also call the general Telstra number and speak to a Customer Service Consultant – consultants will accept Credit Card Payments.

If you have any further questions about your Salary Packaging Card, please contact AccessPay on the numbers above.

Each bank will have a lost or stolen contact number - you can look on their website to find out what these numbers are. These services are automated and therefore open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Once you have reported the loss of your card, please contact AccessPay as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you and, if necessary, to make alternative arrangements for the funds on your card until the new card arrives.

Meal Card

The AccessPay Meal Entertainment Card provides you the opportunity to take your friends or family out to breakfast, lunch or dinner in a café, bistro, bar or restaurant and pay on the spot with your salary packaged funds. You may be able to pay a caterer or similar, depending on their merchant ID – however it would pay to check this with your caterer first, if you intend to use one.

The AccessPay Meal Entertainment Card can only be used in the venues mentioned above to pay for meals. 

When applying for this card, tick the "Meal Card" box on the application form.

What Can Be Included in Meal Entertainment?

  • The cost of dine in meals and drinks, and is the total you pay, which may include family and friends.
  • The cost of private catering, such as for a wedding or 21st birthday.

What Can’t Be Included?

  • A meal consumed in conjunction with any other form of entertainment. For example, if you take your family bowling and have a  meal while you’re there, this does not count as Meal Entertainment because the meal is not your main form of entertainment.  
  • Take-away food. You cannot use your Meal Entertainment Card food or drinks that you have taken away for consumption. 
  • Food that will be prepared by you, such as groceries.

**Transactions attempted in venues whose core business is anything other than dining will be automatically declined.



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